Saturday, 23 February 2008

Unproductive and drowsy

Ugh...too full. I've eaten too much and now I'm drowsy despite having a ridiculous amount of work to do! Hopefully a Red Bull will perk me up this evening. I need to have another 3 topics covered by tonight at least...

Eeee! Three down, one to go



Wednesday, 20 February 2008

The French Mystery

Received an anonymous text message yesterday. In French. Heavens knows who from. Probably wrong number. Looked like it was from Australia or New Zealand but that's merely speculatory. I have a funny feeling about this though...

Anyway, back to the books

A bientot ;)



Waiting for the kettle to boil

In the time that it takes for my kettle to boil, I have stolen a few moments to write. I'm on a study break. Relief that the first exam yesterday is out of the way. I find exams so physically draining as well as mentally. I know it'll be worth it in the end...well one would hope!

It's cold today and that's just on the inside!

Saw Leo yesterday. Not a flutter in my stomach. I must be mad. I must be healing.

That click tells me that the kettle has in fact boiled and my writing time for now is up. Will be sure to return if anything more eventful happens...which is unlikely. ACTUALLY! There is something. Minor...



Saturday, 16 February 2008

Rhubarb and Custard... what is currently lodged in my mouth as I type (of the boiled sweet variety). I'd like to say it reminds me of my childhood but it couldn't be further away from the truth. In reality, growing up in the Caribbean would have meant that treats for me would be yummy fresh fruits, Tamarind balls, guava cheese and my favourite treat of all. FUDGE!!! Mmmmm.

In a bit of a reminiscent mood today.

Should really be studying at the moment but I find my thoughts being drawn to all things West Indian (or people these days like to call it much to my dismay. Same Difference)

I love listening to the radio. You know? Not those music stations necessarily...I particularly like the discussion programmes. At the moment LBC 97.3 is my favourite. In the Caribbean there used to be a programme called ' Jook Bois' conducted almost entirely in Creole. A French/ English fusion. Funny, funny man. If only I understood it more. Sometimes I feel like there's a French person inside of me waiting to jump out! Alors!

Reminds me a bit of a date I went on with Leo. I think it was the first. On the Tube on the way back home...Bakerloo line I think it was. Both a little fecked after a few (me more than him because let's face it; I'm a lightweight) and were engaging in a little playful word foreplay in French.

Vous voulez du cafe monsieur? Ou est la gare? La gare est pres du boulangerie madame.

(you get the picture. cute.)

We thought we were so cool taking the Michael Barrymore out of the French accent until a couple sat opposite us started talking in French!! Shit! Haha. Both realised at the same time. Shuffled into the empty seats nearby, away from their disapproving French glances avec grande vitesse!

(That was the same night I nearly had an accident when I thought he was going to kiss me on the busy Tube. Turned out to be a kiss on the cheek! Good times :D)

Why am I so shy? PDA scares me a bit. All that saliva; especially of the stringy sort. Yeuch! Recipe for disaster really. Though I did kinda do it. Does that make me a hypocrite? Haha. I bloody love(d) it really. Really should get over being so self-conscious though.

Miss his cute little 'blushing face' sometimes. Back to the fishing gear it seems!



Friday, 15 February 2008

The Day After Valentine's Day

Okay so it was Valentine's Day yesterday...also known as VD. Since when was it cool and trendy to abbreviate the most romantic day of the year to that of Veneral Disease? Anyway so I cant say I'm surprised not to receive any valentines. 21 years valentine-less why should now be any different? I'm not too bothered to be honest and the day went quite normally as was expected! I guess I don't get it because I'm not a part of a couple. UGH anyway, at least it's over now.

I half had a silly dream that Leo would have made a crazy romantic gesture and called me or something. Yeh right. It's funny, I still do think about him from time to time. Not as much as I used to and not as strongly but still do. He had a recent bereavement and for some reason I felt really sorry for him. Damn my gender...always thinking about others! I haven't spoken to him for about a month now...maybe more and I think I've forgotten what he sounds like. Well, nonetheless life goes on.

Went to get my hair done today. Was nice to get some fresh if not ARCTIC air on the body after 2 days of hibernation. Bumped into a friend at the bus stop - though have the suspicion that if I didn't say hello, they wouldnt either...weird. No skin off my nose. AHA!

Had migraines for the past two days now with this stress. Anyone reading this considering a career in law, think carefully about it. It's no walk in the park. Just hope I can remember my leasehold from my freehold in time for Tuesday. I'm sure to bump into Leo then too. So glad I haven't got this facebook/msn thing to distract me anymore!

Still, everytime I go past Shepherd's Bush Station on the Central Line in the mornings I can't help but smile...