Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Just a few things I've neglected to mention...

So I've been blogging for just over a year now and although it's been fun, there are some things and people that I blog about without so much as an introduction: How rude! Well I suppose I know you a bit better now so I can let you in on the 'down low'. I've compiled a bit of a Q&A, answering some of the questions you may have had while reading my blog.

Q: Who the heck is this Leo* bloke and are you obsessed with him or something?

A: Leo is a 25 year old law student and published poet with whom I studied the LPC at BPP Law School (and later began a short romantic involvement with). I don't think I've ever physically described him apart from in one of my silly poems which alluded to his blue eyes. He was about 6ft, well built and had curly brown hair and blue eyes...sound like someone you know? Is he you? LOL. As for the second part of the question, I am/ was not obsessed with him. I think he was the first guy who I ever actually liked and could actually see a future with so on my part anyway, there were pretty strong feelings involved.
[*If you hadn't already figured this out, Leo is not this guy's real name ]

Q: Where did the name of the blog come from?

A: Well to reveal that would give the game away. Let's just say I am a huge cat lover and my star sign is also of a feline nature.

Q: So what are you? A student or something?

A: Yes www. I am a student currently. I am an aspiring lawyer and writer.

Q: What does LPC, BPP, BLP mean?

A: Those are legal abbreviations www. They stand for Legal Practice Course, BPP is the name of a law school and BLP is Business Law and Practice. This is one of the compulsory modules studied on the LPC.

I hope that the above has answered some of the questions one may have.

Today has been a quietly strange day.



P.s. My favourite tea of the moment is Twinings Lady Grey! I think with a little milk it is divine!

Saturday, 28 March 2009

Minty fresh breath and no one to appreciate it

Well, there's some truth in the title. Here I am sat at home, popping the mints when I could have been out with some friends, chilling out, maxing, relaxing all cool...shooting some b-ball outside...okay, I digress but you get the point. But I just could not bring myself to get ready and go out. It was almost as though there was something holding me back, telling me not to go. I never usually hesitate this much before going out and I was very much looking forward to going out! How exactly do you tell your friends,

"Oh, sorry I can't make it tonight, I just had a feeling I shouldn't be there..."

So look forward to yet another quiet evening in ALONE and will probably read a bit of a book (The Shining) and drink lots of tea. What am I...75?

I must say though, I am feeling significantly more upbeat in the face of crappy-ness [adversity for my fellow legal friends who do not speak 'street'] so I'm not sure what that would indicate...

Mucho love-o



Friday, 27 March 2009

CBC is back in court!

Okay so maybe the title has made this out to be more exciting than it really is but yesterday was my first clerking assignment to the RCJ in quite a while. I had forgotten how much waiting around was involved in the judicial system. Wowser! Obviously I can't go into the details of the matter I was attending court for but thankfully it was a family matter, so as to get my legal brain back into gear.

Upon leaving the RCJ, there was in excess of 100 Oriental people waiting to get into the court and about another 50 or so in the lobby/ entrance hall. Needless to say, one black girl going against the tide of people armed with a suitcase and agitated client closely behind does not a party make! There also appeared to be some form of protest taking place outside. Maybe I'm just ignorant but I have no idea what that was about and there was no report on the news as far as I am aware so I guess I'll never know. Didn't really want to hang around as there were news crews aboot the joint.


Hmph, anyway, I am just about to head out of the house for some much needed and deserved [if I say so myself] frivolities.

Till next entry



p.s. Don't you just love it when the judge doesn't show up for court? Heh.

Friday, 6 March 2009

Recurring headaches...

I may have to face up to the fact that I may one day have to wear glasses. I never considered that these headaches might be connected to my eyesight.

Hmm...bacon sandwiches or spinach and ricotta pasta for dinner?



P.s. how much lemon cake can one woman eat and why am I still thinking about Mr Literary? Is an indicator as to whether a man likes you whether he thinks it appropriate to speak about his toilet habits to you? Och.

Poor Heston Blumenthal...not looking good for the Fat Duck is it? Quackitty Quack!

Another quiet day

It's been the second day in a row of quiet reflection at home. I don't know why really. It wasn't a conscious choice to. I've been having a lot of headaches lately so I guess it's making me recluse-like.

So I've gotten through the exams and lived to tell the tale! After months or nervously waiting, revising and imagining worse case scenarios, finally they are all over. I haven't the results yet but I've got a lot riding on these.

Not a lot has happened lately and I've barely been out in yonks. I do however, know how to make sushi now so that's one more thing ticked off my 'To Do' list!

CBC is still single and training contract-less so watch this space!

Better be off to to some handwashing so till next entry