Wednesday, 30 September 2009

The Importance of Reading...

A little incident occurred yesterday which only reinforced how important reading is to me and my own life. Of course, this is not the case with everybody. Some customers who come into the bookshop often sniff at the fact that some people read for fun. "I'm only here because X person wanted this book but I NEVER read myself...Who has time for reading when one can get off one's teets on bacardi breezers".

Okay, so I made that last bit up but the former is true. Often customers are proud of the fact that they don't read anything but the television schedule off their Sky teleboxes.

"What was the last book you read?" said I, trying to find a suitable book.
Snorts. "ME? I am too busy to read." say they.

Of course some people are busy and don't have time to sit around reading books all day but there is time to read if you really WANT to. This explains the hundreds or thousands of people who use public transport on a daily basis and often read during these journeys. Read before bed. Read during one's lunch break. Read on the sunlounger whilst roasting oneself on a beach in Ibiza (or any similarly original holiday destination)

Then there are people who cannot read. I understand that. It is sad and unfortunate but it happens. There is help out there and I wish I could help people who can't read to do so as it must feel lonely and isolated. So I appreciate not everyone can read.

Finally, I appreciate not everyone has an interest in reading. I work in a bookshop because I read...a lot. I do not read solely because I work in a bookshop. My place of work further feeds my need for new writing, information etc...

Now for the incident....

Yesterday, I was doing a bit of shopping as I needed things like envelopes and ink for my printer as I am doing job applications. On the way home, there are road works being carried out between two bus stops meaning that a two way street is now only one way (with on coming traffic being stopped to allow traffic going the other way to pass and vice versa) The two bus stops affected are clearly marked with fluorescent signs, emblazoned with the words,


So, aside from the fact that a person may not have seen the sign (for whatever reason), the fact that buses were driving past the stop and stopping elsewhere, was this not an indication enough that the stop was closed? Clearly not. There were people waiting at the stop for a long time, shouting and walking out into the road to try to coax the drivers to allow them to board. Passers-by going to the next stop told these people that the stop was closed and that they should start walking to the next stop. They refused. It's so unfair. Why should they have to walk to the next stop. The buses should be throwing their doors open wherever we please.

This situation escalated to the extent that the police were called. All because some people could not be bothered to read the sodding sign!

I shouldn't have been so annoyed but it was such a perfect example of people not bothering to read and then trying to lay the blame elsewhere.

A similar 'row' ensued when a customer in the bookshop brought two books to the till to buy. I put them through the till and they weren't happy at the prices of the books which were clearly stickered on the backs of the books. They had supposedly seen a shelf talker telling them of a discount on the books. Fair enough. I told them that I'd go to the shelf myself to check. such discount. Customer then decided to get irate with me and told me to look again because they were sure I was trying to charge them more than they needed to pay. They then offered to show me because I (was stupid, uneducated and obviously grew up in a jungle with no food...this was not said so I am jumping to conclusions) obviously couldn't read. They made it up. But still wanted to be wrong and strong.

READ!!! If unsure, ASK. Don't ASSUME!

I'll stop now as this is developing into a mega rant but I wish more people would live by this philosophy...

Till next, calmer entry



Sunday, 27 September 2009


It's been a while since my last post, and not because I was doing anything particularly exciting or forgot about blogging, I have just been in a funny place lately...couldn't really be summed up in words.

Last week, I spent the majority of the week with my brother in Kent, which was a really good way to clear my head and thoughts a little. For this week, I really want to get stuck into applications and doing a bit of serious clearing out of my room and writing...

We'll see how that goes.

I hope that you are all well blog-watchers...

Till next entry,



p.s. as much as I appreciate my neighbours living in the same house as me, listening to them singing along with the same song night after night (after dark) is just...plain...strange. Why are they doing it?!

Still, it's not as bad as the previous neighbours who I could hear having 'relations' in vivid detail in the upstairs flat...and to a particular song which I can no longer listen to without feeling uncomfortable.


Saturday, 12 September 2009

A Saturday Evening 'Quickie'

So, it's late and I am absolutely shattered. What an interesting day. I have been excited for a while to learn that Levi Roots was coming to the bookshop to sign copies of his new book. He did not disappoint. I guess I was a little disappointed that his publicist seemed to de-personalise the experience by constantly being at his side. Then again, it was her job so I cannot fault her for doing it... was just glad to have been able to assist in setting up for the 'event'. And hey, at least I got my book signed (by giving it to a smiley person in the queue with my name on a post-it for her to present to Levi for him to sign)


Past disappointment. Am over it already. I just wanted to do a quick post on some of my adventures of the last in during the week.

On Wednesday 9th Sept, I took a trip down to Piccadilly Circus and to the Japan Centre. I was extremely excited and nervous for some reason. I was afraid that I'd feel a little out of place and that everything would be in Japanese. D'oh! It was not as I expected.

I first browsed the ground floor which consisted of food and homewares. There I was able to get my sushi supplies like Seaweed Sheets, Rice, Wasabi and Rice Vinegar/ Seasoning for Sushi. I also bought some Jasmine tea bags, a bamboo mat for rolling the sushi and a tea cup. I did consider purchasing a good Japanese knife as there were really good ones there for about £6.99 but decided against it for that day and planned to buy it on another trip I would make there.

I then browsed on the basement floor which was the book section, filled with Magazines, Books and Japanese artefacts for sale. There was even a pair of 'geisha slippers' made of wood, for sale (sorry, I forgot the special name given to this type of shoe). I wanted a sushi book to give me some more ideas and inspiration for fillings, techniques and different types of sushi. (I will edit this post to include photos and links another day when I have photographed things!) I found one...I also wanted a good beginners Japanese book in addition to the one I already have and I found the staff to be very helpful and friendly and I eventually settled on a Textbook/CD combo called 'Japanese for Busy People' and is a romanised version so that the Japanese words are written phonetically to aid pronunciation. Fantastic! This will keep me occupied as I no longer have any studying to do (in the near future!)

SO I'm definately going to go back pretty soon...well when I can afford to!

I then walked from Piccadilly Circus to Leicester Square Tube Station and to a second hand bookshop on Charing Cross Road where I remembered purchasing a second hand 1800 book for Leo's birthday nearly 2 years ago.

(Such a big deal was made of this book at the time; I merely thought it was pretty and that it would be well received...which it was. It was an interesting find. However, as I hadn't really been "dating" Leo for long, this present was supposedly too thoughtful and an indication of my undying love and devotion to him forever...

*rolls eyes*

G.O.Y.** It only cost me £6! Pah!)

I love the antiquarian bookshops there and love a good bargain so ended up buying two books for £4, both of which are related to African History/ Slavery. Very interesting reading and I'll ALSO be going back there pretty soon to browse for a bit longer (by this point, the sushi rice was weighing me down a bit and it was BOILING hot on the underground)

On the walk from Piccadilly Circus to Leicester Square, I came across NUMEROUS Croatian football fans in their shirts all singing and chanting and generally looking very excited about what I now learn is the England-Croatia match which took place on that day! At the time I can remember being a little worried about the chanting and wondering what the crowds were protesting about!

All in all it was a good day and I think I will be taking a little walk and browse there after payday, which is next week!

SO that is all dear readers, I felt compelled to write this down, just in case I forgot because I really had an enjoyable day that day and made up some avocado, cucumber and red pepper sushi rolls that very evening...yumm!

Surprisingly, despite the fact that this is a long-ish post, it did not take me very long to write but I shall stop for now as I am growing increasingly weary and I have to wake up early for work in the morning...

Good Night all!



(It wasn't my fault that I was a good present buyer...)

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Spotted Richard?

Inspired by the Wright Stuff, one of my sources of early morning post inspiration, I am a little surprised to hear that the name of the famous 'Spotted Dick' dessert/pudding has been changed to 'Spotted Richard' to spare the blushes of waiting staff in the canteen of Flintshire County Council, North Wales.

A spokesman said,

"This was not a policy decision. Canteen staff simply acted as they thought best to put an end to unwelcome and childish comments - albeit from a very small number of customers."

Yawn! Grin and bear old are they? 12? I understand that this may have made some more reserved conservative members of staff feel uncomfortable but then again why not see the funny side? Seems PC and prudishness are going absolutely bonkers!

Take a joke...albeit a slightly rude one! Have these people never watched a 'Carry On' film?

You can read the story here



Tuesday, 8 September 2009

The fat lady has begun her sweet song...

So today was my Professional Conduct Exam blogwatchers. 1 and a half hours of sheer brain busting Conduct and Financial Services related trivia. I'm glad it's over now. I know it is probably minor in the grand scheme of LPC things but it's the one exam in which things could either be hit or miss. So that's that...the examinations are over BUT the game is only just beginning. Now it's just a question of waiting for the results.

However, a most ironic thing occurred after said exam. I was having a 'thank goodness that exam is over' catch up drink with my old pal from university and after drinks on the way to the Tube station, my friend was having a quick cigarette and absent-mindedly dropped her butt on the ground.

*Cue jaws music *

Just her luck...the enviro squad and police were standing behind us and landed her with an on-the-spot fine of £50! Eeek! Poor thing...that's going to hurt her in the pocket department. The crazy thing is that she had been smoking earlier on in the day and had done the same thing but there was no one there to bust her. Damn and blast!

As law students and potential lawyers, we really really should know better!

Stay out of trouble kids...



Wednesday, 2 September 2009

My first love...

Just a selection of my books, not including any law textbooks, that are on my bookshelf! They're such great company, they never criticise or answer back...perfect companions really. The books are a mixture of presents I have been given, new purchases, proof (or ARCs according to a work colleague)/ damaged copies from work and library purchases for a few pence...
Happy reading!
p.s. Guess how much I love to read!