Saturday, 30 January 2010

"It was the most mournful pee I've ever had in my life..."

I'm watching Russell Brand's Ponderland on love and this fabulous title comes from a woman describing meeting the love of her couldn't make it up.

I went to the Japan Centre again last week and to my delight, there are now TWO different stores: one for food and another for literature and culture. I was low on sushi ingredients and so went to stock up on rice, seasonings, wasabi and soy sauce. However, something shiny and sharp caught my attention. A thing of beauty. A Japanese knife! Now to some that might seem a little scary. I haven't suddenly turned homicidal. It's just that after a while of roughly cut sushi, having neat edges seems like a dream!


Additionally, I seem to be cooking a lot more in recent weeks. Like for example, a lovely friend at work made some chocolate fudge and shared this (a whole SKIP-LOAD) with me. After SERIOUSLY gorgeing on the fudge, I nabbed the recipe and last night, attempted to make some. For a first attempt, it didn't half turn out bad www! So I spent my Friday evening making fudge. In my pyjamas...I fear I may have aged 20 years for 2010! Good grief!

I must say I am embracing the "F**k it" philosophy this year. Eff it need not mean that things which need to be taken seriously aren't. It just means that insignificant things in relation to the 'grand scheme' aren't turned into bigger things than they need to be. Also moaning about any and every thing which are not in one's control will not be happening in CBCs world this year. (I will endeavour not to www...) So saying that, I must have a problem but I just do not get the current obsession of some of my peers with the opposite sex, dating etc. Now of course a lot of this blog has been about my romantic feelings towards certain people, unrequited feelings and just men in general. I do look after the 'Popular Psychology' section in the bookshop and also read a lot of relationship books out of interest. However, I am a bit annoyed with some people who can barely walk a few feet down a street without assessing which men in the vicinity are attractive, interested in them and with whom they see potential. Forgive me for not giving a flying fuck! Sheesh...

So enough of the ranting tonight, I am off looking for jobbies and keeping optimistic despite feeling utterly shafted by the bookshop. Tut...onwards and UPwards



Saturday, 23 January 2010


...tomato soup was just enough.

Friday, 22 January 2010

Happy 2010 Readers!

Hello www. I realise that I'm about 22 days late but better late than never... right? No? Ahh well, I'm just a bad person aren't I?

I'd just like to say thank you to all readers for your comments in the duration of this blog. I haven't given up on the blog and neither have I given up on law. I have merely taken some time away to deal with more pressing matters which I may have mentioned on my previous post. Now, for 2010, I am still searching for a training contract or some form of work experience but I have some new goals:

New job
New house
Save Save Save
More writing(!)

I've been sending applications when I can though I'm finding it tiring working the erratic shifts I am doing at the bookshop (which I am still loving!) Actually, as I mention the bookshop, I am currently reading 'Pride and Prejudice and Zombies'. I've been reading it for what seems like an age now but my justification is that I'm savouring every moment of the zombie invasions and culling! LOVE!! *in sing-song mock operatic voice*

Today I had a day off from work so I spent some of the day trudging around in the rain buying ingredients for my chocolate chip marshmallow muffins! They turned out better than I expected though I may have cooked them a little too long as the marshmallows seem to have all melted! least that will save me money on Tesco/ M&S lunches.

"But CBC, " you say, "...whatever happened to Leo? Mr Literary?"

Dear readers, I am currently disinterested in men, relationships, dating at the minute. Maybe I should leave that subject there for the time being!

I probably should go for now as I don't feel like I'm making much sense. Goodnight for now till next entry