Monday, 30 June 2008

Work Experience: Day 1

Today was my first day of work experience and I am so excited! Very tired but it has given me a lot to think about. I'm seriously considering a career in legal journalism on the side now or maybe until I get a training contract. My day today consisted of telephoning a number of universities on a database and interviewing the law departments about the circulation of the magazine. I've spoken to people from Wales and most of the universities around the country! I also got to sit in on two mini meetings. It's all hustle and bustle in this place! The people are all very nice and laid back and I feel so comfortable already.

I can't wait to start writing tomorrow and plus I get the opportunity to sit in on a meeting with a Magic Circle firm. Good times.

Off to bed with me I say...



Saturday, 28 June 2008

Saturday Night Fever...

...or boredom more like!

Had Business Accounts today. Didn't go so badly but then it's hard to tell with figures isn't it?
Feel a bit at a loss today. No money, no job, no Leo (haha, wait...scratch that last bit). Well, yeh, no Leo. I've been thinking how much I miss having someone to talk to about nothing. After having a really good conversation with Jenny Legal*, it got me thinking about how much I too would like to have someone to talk to about any or everything and just feel at ease with myself. I suppose taking refuge in this blog is one thing but nothing beats actual human contact. I just sometimes feel that I throw myself into my work and just shut myself away from people and then when I've gotten out of the work-sleep-eat routine, I'm virtually a social outcast. Something's got to give eventually though because my social life sucks at the moment.

Oh and did I mention that I found Leo's number again? I did. I still have it in my possession. I'm not going to do anything silly with it. I won't mention the discovery again.

I'm having an early ish night tonight. Laundry day is tomorrow! What fun



*A friend and fellow legal professional in the making!

Friday, 27 June 2008

*yawn and stretch*

Feel so much better today compared to yesterday. Wonder if that was some conspiracy to get me not to study as much as I should??

Bring on the productivity aujourd'hui...



Thursday, 26 June 2008

Home at last...

After my previous post from law school, I had to leave shortly after that. My little headache had become a full blown migraine. I fell asleep on the train with my mouth slightly ajar. I could feel it open but my head hurt so much that it seemed to relieve the pain. A very brave man decided to brave the slobber and sat next to me. Poor thing, bless him, it must be catching because within like 10 minutes he was 'catching flies' also! HAHA. I'm more powerful than I thought. Lock up your sons, one glance at me and you TOO will be 'catching flies'...mwahaha

My head seems to be easing a bit after spending the past 3 hours in bed curled up in a ball. Maybe I can squeeze another hour of business accounts in before I go to bed? Perhaps I'll get a cup of tea, get an early night and then get up at 6 and work solidly through my format. To think I failed Business Accounts by 4 marks makes me all foamy at the mouth!

"Que sera sera ...whatever will be will be..."



Business Accounts...again

So I am NYC in Business Accounts and so have to do the exam again this Saturday! Getting to grips with the format and I'm slightly reluctant to say that I am enjoying Company Accounts. That ruddy Analysis of Reserves 'calculation' is driving me slightly loopy but I'll get there, eventually.

I thought it would be a good idea to pop into law school to revise today (which is where I am now) and it's deadly quiet except for the occasional BVC student popping in for their results. I unfortunately have a banging headache and just can't concentrate for very long. See how much longer I last here today.

Elective exams are finally over. I am a bit worried about Private Client law to be very honest, partly because of the life interest trust created by will and the taxation of that estate in that exam. I suspect that I may have gotten my trusts a bit muddled up but I shall not dwell.

Didn't post before but managed to get myself a week's work experience with a Legal Magazine in London which I am very excited about. This may be my bit on the side if and when I qualify; Legal Journalism. I just can't get enough of writing, albeit the fact that I may not be particularly good at it or that anyone reads my writing! But anyway, I am really really excited and may need to buy myself a new pair of trousers and a new blouse for next week (any excuse to go shopping of course!)

Well now that I am finished with the SGS prep and so on, I can get cracking with my applications for training contracts seeing as I don't have one yet. I have seen a few firms which I am really interested in so it's just a matter of sitting down and getting on with the applications now. That and getting a part time job. How hard is it to get a job folding and selling clothes and shoes...I'm training to become a solicitor for goodness sake!

My motto is nothing before it's time and that everything happens for a reason so who knows what the coming months will bring...

Till next post



Friday, 13 June 2008

I had a dream...

...about Leo last night. That's a first. Before it used to be like thinking about him at odd times when my mind wasn't occupied or if I saw him or something that reminded me of him. But dreaming about him especially when I wasn't thinking about him AND I have exams, is NOT encouraging! I don't get what the dream was about really, it was the strangest thing. I can't remember where we were, what was going on or anything just that he had his arm around my shoulders and then the next minute we were dancing, dancing, dancing...and then other 'things'. Strange! Now you tell me what that has to do with the administration of an estate; which is what was on my mind before I went to bed last night!

Today I also did a silly thing...I've ordered my first item from a television shopping channel. Goodness me! I know it'll probably be a load of rubbish but for some reason I was in a spontaneous mood. I suspect it to be all that dream action that occurred in the last 24 hours! HAHA

Well, Im going to get me a cup of tea to calm my nerves and get back to the administration. Aiming for another 2 lectures by tonight...maybe get some will drafting notes done



"I can feel it coming in the air tonight...oh Lord..."

Thursday, 12 June 2008

I say "Yell-o", you say "Yell-er"...

So had my Family Law exam today. Thank goodness that's over but it wasn't half bad. That ancillary relief stuff really got me a bit today. There's just so much information to go through with those Form Es and then applying that to the fact pattern as well as making up a package for the client and calculating whether or not there was a 50/50 'Yardstick of equality' split. Oh my goodness. That was just one of four collossal questions! Hmm.

If only I had applied this study method to all my other exams.I think going through all the SGS's and redoing exercises really does help the information to stick. I arrived 2 minutes before the start of the exam today! What a close shave! I don't intend to repeat that performance.

I think I've found my store of choice to shop in when I start working...TM Lewin! Popped in there in passing today and I'm in love with the gorgeous stripey shirts and the like. In particular, I would love a couple of those shirts with the cuffs to add cufflinks to. *sigh* So many pretty cufflinks to invest in!

I'm so mentally tired...1 down, 3 more to go this month!

Aieeeeee. Back to the PC (WPEP) encore.

Till next post



Friday, 6 June 2008

CBC goes green!

It's been a long week. Not that I've done enough to justify me saying that, but it feels it. Just about to go to revise for Family Law on Thursday but just to add that I feel really proud of myself today! I took my environmentally friendly, 'jute' bag to do the food shopping today, walked half an hour to the supermarket and half and hour or so back. Although the food was in danger of spilling all over the place, at least there were no more nasty plastic bags cluttering up the place. I feel better for it. Thighs of steel baby! (for today)

Now all I need to do is get a few hours in before I check out whether this Big Brother malarkey is worth wasting my time on. Is it wrong to like a man with a beard...(well stubble anyway).Beards can be shaven...but ugliness on the inside cannot. That's my justification and I'm sticking to it. I just saw Rupert Everett on telly sporting a spiffing beard type thing. Hm

Au Revoir