Monday, 8 March 2010

Return to Foyle's Philavery: Bavardage

As you may or may not know, I love books and words and love unusual words in particular. Therefore my beloved Foyle's Collected Philavery set is making a reappearance, emerging from its dusty home on my bookshelf, after my previous 'Oculolinctus' post.

Today's words are:

Blabagogy: a criminal environment
Great word for use in a legal context.

Flabellation: the act of fanning, particularly in the context of keeping fractured limbs cool
Who knew there was a word for this?

Groak: to look or stare longingly, especially at someone who is eating
Probably more appropriate for use in the Caribbean and in particular St. Lucia where often it is joked that one can cause an eater's food to drop from a utensil or their mouth, simply by staring at them.

C'est tout.

A Bientot,



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